About Khash Saghafi

Continuing Educational Services' featured speaker is Khash Saghafi, a nationally renowned speaker in regards to the banking & mortgage lending industry. Khash Saghafi has traveled throughout the country putting on educational venues for Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, various investment groups and Homebuyers & Homeowners. Khash has covered topics including No Money Down Purchases, The Economic and Real Estate Outlook, Managing Your Assets, Credit Repair, Investment Property Purchases and that is only a few.

He is an approved instructor by the Department of Commerce, Division of Real Estate in Ohio, Florida and California. Khash Saghafi is also an approved instructor by the Ohio Supreme Court in regards to his expertise in the banking and mortgage industry.

The cornerstone of Khash Saghafi's business is providing top notch customer service. Khash Saghafi believes that service begins with being knowledgeable and educated in what you do. He has spent countless hours studying different industries and their effect on the real estate world. Khash believes that education is a continuous, on-going process.

Khash Saghafi has been a featured speaker at various Universities in regards to inflation and the secondary mortgage market, he has been consulted by various city school systems in the Cleveland area on how to add financial literacy to their curriculum and he has been a featured lecturer for many Real Estate Associations in regards to mortgage lending and program availability.

Khash Saghafi's business is 100% referral-based which is why he is always accessible and works so hard to stay on top of today's current issues so that his clients receive the best advice, service and direction on their home.